Advertising Jingles — and the winner is ….

LittleLori, for her spot on recollection of this fantastic jingle that I’m sure sold boatloads of this rather yucky canned pasta.  Sure kids love the taste, but there are many, many different varieties to choose from, all of the same ilk.  This ad made Zoodles stand apart so kids would ask for it by name, and I love the fact that Lori is still buying it for her kids today!  Here’s the ad for all to enjoy:

Lori, your Tims card is on its way!  Congratulations.

Honourable mention goes to Lauren and Peter who both recalled the Carling Red Cap ad from so long ago.  Certainly living proof of the lasting power of the jingle, even if the product is no longer around.

Ane a huge thanks to everyone for playing along.  Such great memories!  I now have a whole collection of tunes that will keep me singing in the shower for weeks to come.

All the best for a great long weekend!