About Diane Williams

More than two years ago now, after almost twenty years of climbing the corporate ladder, I left my executive job as head of a busy consumer packaged goods marketing department.

The decision to leave was a huge shock to my friends and colleagues who had always seen me as a career girl.  It was based on a desire to spend more time with my young family before my children reach those difficult teenage years, and to explore a long held desire to try my hand a writing for a living.

The adjustments to our family budget have been massive but by far the most difficult challenge has been staying in Mommy mode.  I am constantly drawn to marketing opportunities and couldn’t resist setting up a little consulting company so that I could continue to participate in interesting projects and stretch my marketing muscles.

The purpose of this blog is to share the new insights I’ve gained as a result of my leap into the world of the stay at home Mom.  As every marketer knows, it’s usually Mom who holds the household purse-strings.  Mom does the majority of the shopping for and using of products that are brought into the home.  Having lived most of my adult life as a marketer, devising ways to sell products to Mom, I now have a foot firmly planted on the Mom side of the fence and new insights as a result.

I hope that marketers will find this blog enlightening and that they come away with a new depth of understanding about what makes us Moms tick, and I hope that all readers enjoy my stories of ‘in the trenches’ family life.

Please do let me know what you think by making a comment on any posts that strike a chord with you.  One of the most difficult adjustments I’ve had to make is getting used to my new life is the absence of ongoing feedback; my kids rarely comment on the quality of the lunches I pack, and my husband has yet to say a single word regarding a freshly mopped floor.  So I’d love to hear what you think of my posts.  Don’t be shy!

All the best,


To learn more about my professional background feel free to check out my profile on LinkedIn.


6 thoughts on “About Diane Williams

  1. Congratulations Diane on the birth of your blog! Over the years I’ve enjoyed your insightful wisdom and humour, but most of all your friendship! I look forward to others enjoying these things as well, as we read about your Mommy vs Marketer – the Battle for Balance. I predict that the victory will be in the journey, moment by moment, and what we all learn with you along the way. And I’m betting we’ll all laugh a lot, with your unique gift of finding the funny in almost anything and then passing it along for the rest of us to enjoy. I’m looking forward to your next post. You know where to find me if you need any story ideas for later on!

    One of your biggest fans, Dorothy Little
    p.s. just a reminder – technology is your FRIEND, not foe.

  2. Congratulations Diane. Changes are important and good at certain point of our lives. Mommy mode is great, though you will go back to working mode sometime later. Enjoy the moment. kids don’t seem to last forever with us. Lets enjoy them while they are around!
    see you soon.

  3. Thanks so much for your sound advice. I’m loving soaking up every minute with Taylor and Jack and this blogging outlet is seriously FUN! I published my second post today. Check it out and let me know what you think.

  4. Hi there – wanted to write a note to say hello and welcome to the working-mom-at-home club! I stayed at home with my son for the few couple of years and just took on a few a clients. As my son has gotten older and my marital status changed (am now a single mom), I still struggle to find ways to keep working but yet still be with my son. I also write another blog about all that balance stuff – hope you can join me there too: http://penneyfox.wordpress.com/

    Good luck with everything!

  5. Thanks Penney. It’s good to know that I’m striking a chord. What I’ve learned is that it’s ME that causes imbalance in my life. I try to do too much, be too many places, meet too many people’s expectations. That’s why I loved your post about human being versus human doing. Thanks for making me think about it in a new way, and best of luck with the balance part!

  6. Takes a lot to realize how much WE contribute to our own imbalance. It took me about a year of blogging to get to that post.

    Thanks for the follow! I’m following your journey too. Kinda cool when you meet others who are moving along the same path 🙂

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