My List of Awesome

I’ve always known that I was a late adopter.  I don’t have an iPhone.  I’m still a little afraid of online banking.  And when I was working I was always the last to know the office gossip.  So perhaps it’s no surprise that I just recently learned about Neil Pasricha’s 1,000 Awesome Things project.

It started almost four years ago when he set out to blog about the awesome little things in his life and the world around him as a way to cheer himself up.  He vowed to write about at least one awesome thing five days a week until he had catalogued a thousand of them.  And he did, counting back from 1,000 right up to today when his #1 awesome thing was posted …. “anything you want it to be”

What an awesome project!   Indeed, we probably all experience a little bit of awesome every day.  We probably walk right by a bunch more without noticing.  But taking time to acknowledge that awesome has the potential to make each of us a bit happier.  Certainly a worthwhile exercise.

So today, I share with you my own personal list of favourite awesome things:

#10 – Fitting everything in the dishwasher.  There is nothing quite like solving the jigsaw puzzle of efficient dishwasher space utilization so that you don’t have a single plate left in the sink or pot to scrub at the end of the day.

#9 – Watching a hamster run on its wheel.  I can practically hear his little heartbeat, buzzing with glee as he spins around and around.  That is one happy hamster.

#8 – Catching a glimpse of a mother robin feeding her babies.  One spring we had a robin build her nest on the fence right outside our kitchen window.  Those slimy chicks with their beaks squawking open, and mother bird tirelessly feeding morsels into their bottomless pits, was the most amazing sight.

#7 – Flipping your pillow over.  The smooth, cool side, fresh against your warm cheek is sometimes the perfect ticket back to dreamland.

#6 – When your Dad who never wears a suit, wears a suit.  Not sure why, but it brings a happy little tear to my eye.

#5 – Skating on an outdoor pond.  Wholesome Canadian fun, and always a glorious winter day…. otherwise you’d choose to skate inside!

#4 – Smelling the top of a baby’s head.  It’s why I’m first in line to hold my friends’ babies.  When you’re holding them it’s often other people in the room who get to enjoy the cute faces they make, but I get to bend my head down and take in the sweet scent of that downy head of hair.  Nothing better.

#3 – The first shoots of green peeking through the garden in spring.  I will never get over the miracle of how plants survive the harsh winter.  Up from the cold dark ground, sturdy peony shoots appear and I know that within weeks mother nature fairy dust will have transformed them into huge plants with abundant flowers.

#2 – Writing in a brand new notebook.  Yet to be marred by coffee stains and spelling mistakes, with a new notebook anything is possible.

#1 – Being hugged by a small child.


If you haven’t already checked it out, here’s a link to Neil’s Awesome Things



2 thoughts on “My List of Awesome

  1. Thanks for sharing your “awesome” thoughts for today, Diane. We all have much to be grateful for.

  2. Hey Winnie, It didn’t make the top ten but two years ago it might have been more top of mind…. “Cocktail hour on the paito with great neighbours” — an awesome thing! The Williams family still misses you guys.

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