The Wandering Mind of a Soccer Mom — Part 1

I never thought we’d be one of those families.  But here we are, our calendar jam packed with activities.  In my working days, we had no choice but to restrict our kids’ extracurricular endeavours; we were stretched thin just getting homework, baths and daily household tasks completed.  But since I’ve ‘retired’ from corporate life, there are no such excuses.  And so this summer we look forward to many hours spent around dusty baseball diamonds, buggy soccer fields and stale-smelling hockey rinks.

The Mom in me is thrilled to simply watch the games instead of having my head buried in a laptop, looking up only when my own kid is on the field and when it sounds like something exciting is happening.  But my marketing mind sometimes wanders, and the
sponsor logo on the jerseys has caught my eye.  It’s an odd mix of logos; big corporate names like Ford and Pizza Pizza alongside the local law office and neighbourhood restaurants.

Over the years my kids have had many different team sponsors but I must admit that there are only a few I can recall off the top of my head.  Those are the ones that went beyond simply placing their name on shirts.

The best example of this was last summer’s sponsor of my ten year old daughter Taylor’s soccer team.  At our first meeting with the coach, Taylor was issued a bright yellow jersey emblazoned with the Booster Juice logo.  I had the impression that Booster Juice was being marketed with some sort of health angle and so the connection made sense — selling ‘healthy’ food to kids engaged in healthy physical activity.  But to me, the product also carried with it a black cloud.  I imagined it to be as calorie laden as one of those energy bars or the sports beverages that I refuse to let my kids drink.  I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that a kid playing and hour’s worth of soccer (at times half-heartedly) requires ‘electrolyte replacement.’

Along with the jersey, Taylor was given an information packet which contained two Booster Juice coupons.  One was a buy one get one free offer which all of the kids in the league received.  The other was distributed only to members of Taylor’s team and it
promised a free snack size smoothie if the player visited a Booster Juice store wearing her team jersey.  I might have been able to fend off pleas to redeem the buy one get one, but the freebie was impossible to refuse.

So off we went to Booster Juice, Taylor in her jersey along with her seven year old brother Jack, my husband Craig and me.  Taylor took the freebie, Jack and Craig used
the buy one get one, and I self-righteously declined to have anything.  As we waited for the blending to take place, I perused the nutrition information catalogue.  Hmmm….  let’s see.  Funky Monkey, Mango Hurricane and Berry Cream Sensation…  much to my surprise, the calorie count, sugar content and fat on the snack sizes were relatively

“Let me have a try,” I said, reaching for Craig’s Mango Hurricane.

With one sip I was hooked!  It was fantastically cool and delicious, and so much healthier than a trip to the ice cream shop.

Just to close the deal, Booster Juice awarded a weekly player of the game prize… another free smoothie for Taylor and of course she couldn’t go alone.  It was a chance for her entire family to fall in love with yet another delicious flavour.  I would bet that 90% of the players on our team gave Booster Juice a try that season.  From game to game we compared notes with other families and raved about how good it was.  Chatting with members of the opposing team we would often end up on the topic of Booster Juice and we would encourage them to take advantage of the B1G1F coupon in their info package.  Our entire team became Booster Juice ambassadors.

I actually can’t recall the sponsor of Taylor’s team this year; all I remember is that her jersey is pink.  But you’ll still find us at Booster Juice after the game.

I have more to say on this topic of amateur sports sponsorship, so stay tuned for Part 2 in my next post!

The Williams Family highly recommends Booster Juice!  Check it out:


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